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Posted on April 12, 2015 by Tommy McGuire
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With the release of rust 1.0.0-beta, I've received a ping about updating my code from 0.11. Unfortunately, I hit the following:

let line : String = line.unwrap();
let line : &str = line.as_str().trim();

The variable line coming in is a io::Result (Is it me or are there two Result types in the standard library, std::result::Result and std::io::Result?); unwrap() returns a String (or blows up), which I then need to convert to a string slice (&str) in order to trim whitespace, using something like String::as_str or Str::as_slice.

Unfortunately, that code fails to compile with:

src/bin/mk_anadict.rs:18:32: 18:40 error: use of unstable library feature 'convert': waiting on RFC revision
src/bin/mk_anadict.rs:18 let line : &str = line.as_str().trim();
src/bin/mk_anadict.rs:18:40: 18:40 help: add #![feature(convert)] to the crate attributes to enable

And the convert feature is not allowed in the beta release channel. (There was a fix for the error message suggestion, to prevent the compiler from showing "add #![feature..." when that won't work, but it didn't make it into the beta release.

I'm going to bail on this for the moment, until the standard library settles down a bit.

PS. Wait, what?

I realized I hadn't tried one thing: calling trim() on the String itself.

let line : String = line.unwrap();
let line : &str = line.trim();

It works. I don't know how.

Later. Hah. Because there is a Str implementation for String. I think. As I recall, there wasn't previously, which was why I needed to get the str explicitly.

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