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Some [More] Notes on the Abstraction Penalty for IA86 C++ Compilers February 25, 2008

"(How to write a (Lisp) interpreter (in C++) (or make Peter Norvig cry, whichever comes first))" October 11, 2010

Quote o' the Week: It’s [Not] Faster Because It’s C October 12, 2010

Abstracted Algebra in Rust July 19, 2015

The pain of learning Rust January 19, 2017

I recently saw several posts from ESR discussing his attempts to learn Rust, for use in rewriting NTPsec: “Rust vs. Go” and “Rust severely disappoints me”, as well as “Rust and the limits of swarm design”. These posts gave me the incentive to write down some thoughts I have on the difficulty of approaching Rust. In pariticular, I have noticed are some commonalities among those who have initial difficulties with Rust’s ownership model.

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