Quote o' the day: This is a great error message

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Tommy McGuire
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When you really hork something in Rust, you get the most wonderful error messages:

task '<main>' failed at 'No entry found for key: &(0x609830 as *())', /home/mcguire/soft/rust/src/rust-0.9/src/libstd/hashmap.rs:497

The ocean ate the last of the land and poured into the smoking gulf, thereby
giving up all it had ever conquered. From the new-flooded lands it flowed
again, uncovering death and decay; and from its ancient and immemorial bed it
trickled loathsomely, uncovering nighted secrets of the years when Time was
young and the gods unborn. Above the waves rose weedy remembered spires. The
moon laid pale lilies of light on dead London, and Paris stood up from its damp
grave to be sanctified with star-dust. Then rose spires and monoliths that were
weedy but not remembered; terrible spires and monoliths of lands that men never
knew were lands...

fatal runtime error: thread-local pointer is null. bogus!

Quote from "The Crawling Chaos" by Elizabeth Berkeley and Lewis Theobald, Jun. (a.k.a. Winifred Virginia Jackson and H. P. Lovecraft).

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