More VMware fun

Posted on July 10, 2012 by Tommy McGuire
Labels: vmware, linux, system administration, java

Once again VMware is making my life interesting. Currently, we are getting warnings from the monitoring systems that our production and staging servers have over 95% physical memory allocated. Checking top on the systems shows that the systems agree, showing almost all of the memory in use. However, the Java app servers are currently using 20-35% of the available memory, with no other process greater than 2.5% and almost all running processes using 0.1% or less.

I'm thinking that my old nemesis, the balloon driver, is involved, soaking up memory invisibly, at least as far as the client is concerned. Why, oh why, since VMware installs kernel modules and assorted software on the clients, don't they also include something that can tell me what the host thinks it's doing to my client?

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