Quote o' the day: Which is more dangerous, AC or DC?

Posted on May 24, 2012 by Tommy McGuire
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From this thread, David writes,

Real experience with750 VDC - When I was 20 years old (I'm 62 now) I was working on an old Heathkit Apache AM transmitter. I had recently changed out the modulation transformer with one from an ART-13 WWII transmitter. This (new) modulation transformer had the high voltage leads on the side through ceramic insulators. In the process of working on it, [...] I sat the high voltage connections of the modulation transformer down on my left wrist just below my thumb. That was a really really bad experience. 42 years later I remember it well and still have the scar to remind me. Pain is horrible - the smell of my burning flesh was just as bad and my body was in a painful knot like I have never known before or since - Thank God. My mouth tasted like I had been chewing aluminum foil. It was truly a horrible experience.

To which Phil C. Sr. replied,

David....I am in the process of putting an ART-13 mod tranny in my Apache. Would you please e-mail me and tell me the results you obtained when you did this.

Priorities are everything.

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