Lessons from scrum 2012.3

Posted on May 12, 2012 by Tommy McGuire
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DateIn which we learn that...
3/29Pleez bring fud.
3/30You're nobody 'til somebody does your accounting.
4/2Pushing to an array is much faster than string concatenation (IE7?)
4/3HR violations R us ~ "meat" "penmanship" "prod" "database"
In the jungle, the datestring jungle...
4/4Tetrapyloctomy & mechanical avunculogratulation
4/5Inherently funny: "weasel" "duck-billed" "eucalyptus"
4/6Smokey the Thermodynamics Bear
Celeste is still right, again!
4/9Celeste is a smart cookie & knows it.
4/12If you're going to the ISS you ain't doing [expletive].
4/16I think we need to buy a torpedo child for Dan.
4/18Time Domain Del-iplexing
4/19Ackrite / Buffy & the Vamipire / Binarity
Jeff's never going to be able to hatch that thing now.
Celeste haz teh smartitude
4/20Del's got your tyrannosaurus nostril right here.
Not-that-casual Friday
In order to enlongate this sentence, you must stratigize your philosophication.
4/24That's one way to pronounce it.
Ferretsaurus / Chicken dinosaur virus
4/25Storenado ... Pie! (Del: "I snorted.")
4/27Software archaeology / Wreck-a-sition
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