Lessons from Scrum 2012.2

Posted on April 26, 2012 by Tommy McGuire
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I leave this without comment.

DateIn which we learn that
2/28John has been stalking some AdTran woman for decades.
2/29Nude smug Lisp weenies
3/1Lucy Liu can star in anything she wants
3/2Del puts the "oz" in osmosis
3/5Jeff has mutant toes
Tequila (straight)crazy
BourbonAttractive, wise, intelligent
Everclear/Moutain DewDel
3/7Celeste was right!
3/8Aliveness is overrated
And no, hex won't work
3/12(I've got nothing.)
3/13You have been Fundamed inadvertently
3/14Celeste is confused because it is confusing
3/15New Hospital is new.
If you're smart, you'll quit when you're ahead.
3/18Chef pants are really comfortable
3/19"Knowledges" can be plural. (We also put the "s" in stupid.)
3/20Del has two problems.
3/21She put the "IG" in prod.
3/22500 lbs of stupid will kill you. (Nude Jack City?)
My existence has been validated by Bill Cook!
3/23Someone agreed with Tommy!
This pie is [extraordinarily tasty].
3/26Candid ate email & soup earior.
3/27My old toe is as clean as an Elven arse
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