Quote o' the Day: Software Awesomeness

Posted on June 3, 2011 by Tommy McGuire
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Courtesy of reddit, Jesse Emery writes How to keep your software awesome, which has a stack of interesting ideas. A couple:

It also means that your process should never, ever get in the way of someone wanting to make your software better. Do they have to ask permission or get approval to fix a bug? Really? Do they have to justify and sell their idea to you even if they’re willing to work on it in their own time? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then your process is working against, rather than for, your software. (Note: if you don’t trust your team at this level than either you shouldn’t have hired them or You Need to Let Go).

Regarding dealing with "technical debt", a piece of code that "is causing a lot of problems – either it’s causing bugs or making it hard to add (one of those that you thought long and hard about) features":

This type of work isn’t sexy for business owners or your sales force, but it still makes your product a lot better. Never lose sight of the fact that responsiveness and stability are every bit as much a part of your user experience as whether you used the glossy or the flat buttons.
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