Quote o' the Day: Appropriate shoes for protection from electrostatic charge

Posted on December 27, 2010 by Tommy McGuire
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I was recently pointed by a cow-orker to the Things I won't work with segment of Derek Lowe's In the Pipeline blog, which includes some great comments like,
"The paper mentions that 'Introducing N-oxides onto the tetrazole ring may . . . push the limits of well-explored tetrazole chemistry into a new, unexplored, dimension.', but (of more immediate importance) it may also push pieces of your lab equipment into unexplored parts of the far wall."

Our noses can immediately tell the difference between garden variety nitriles and their evil twins [isonitriles]. The former often have no smell at all, or run to a faint spicyness. The latter smell like. . . like. . .well, I've never actually been downwind of the Abominable Snowman's armpit or been had my eyeglasses fogged up by a Komodo dragon with stomach trouble, but those are the examples that come to mind.

But my favorite is a quote from one of the papers mentioned:

"The use of suitable protective clothing, in particular a face shield, ear protectors, a bullet-proof vest, arm protectors, and kevlar gloves, as well as appropriate shoes for protection from electrostatic charge, is mandatory. Ignoring these safety precautions can result in serious injury!"

And I thought my life was difficult when I had to wear a hard-hat because I was dealing with emacs.
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