GNU Screen

Posted on July 9, 2009 by Tommy McGuire
Labels: software development, linux
GNU Screen is really nice. If there were a Screen song, I would be humming it right now. (In case you have forgotten or are a blind heathen, it is effectively a text-mode, tabbing window manager for terminals. It is especially useful if you log into a remote machine using, say, PuTTY.)

I have seen some really complex Screen configurations, but mine is relatively simple:

escape ^Tt
vbell off

in my .screenrc. I change the command character from the default ^A to ^T because the former would typically require me to find the right CTRL key with my right pinky, and that is just not going to happen. I turn off the visual bell because I do not like it trying to flash my terminal. I also have the audible bell turned off because it is irritating. I may have to add the command to turn on the "Wuff, wuff" message, though.
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