Posted on January 28, 2009 by Tommy McGuire
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I just ran across some comments in the online Real World Haskell about the pronunciation of "combinators". Since I've wondered about that myself (and know I've gotten it wrong before), here are the comments:

Tim Stewart 2008-02-26

Is there an official pronunciation of combinators? I took a poll in #haskell once and com-bine-uh-tors won, with com-bin-ay-tors in second place.

none 2008-06-04

I've sometimes heard com-BIN-a-tor but it's sounded pretentious. I say it sort of like one would say "terminator". I've never heard com-bine-uh-tor.

Now, "com-bine-uh-tor" sounds like an evil robot from an animated TV series to me. I'm going with "com-bin-ay-tors", with the accent on the "ay". Maybe.


This is important stuff, here.

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