OSGi vs C3P0

Posted on August 18, 2008 by Tommy McGuire
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Continuing the OSGi saga...

The web application framework I am building attempts to leverage an existing configuration framework, which has caused me a bit of a headache. The configuration framework is built around a set of database tables holding the configuration information and provides a one-stop source for all of it, including basic configuration data, JDBC DataSource connections, LDAP connections, etc., etc., etc. (And ultimately including the log tables written from Log4j.)

The one-stop is the initial database connection to get to the configuration data. My headache starts with the framework, which uses a c3p0 JDBC connection pool (see also this), which in turn includes the wondrous JDBC-driver-from-class-name thingy. Coupled with the wondrous OSGi class loader hacks, the result is an almost certain headache. Here is my aspirin:

There may well be a better way of doing this, but the minor configuration bundle attached to c3p0 seems acceptable.

Edit: I just looked at this post and realized I never mentioned why it worked.

Ps. If you need it, this is the MANIFEST.MF of the c3p0 fragment:
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Bundle-ManifestVersion: 2
Bundle-Name: NASA Frameweork Core C3P0 Config Fragment
Bundle-SymbolicName: gov.nasa.common.framework.core.c3p0_0.9.1_config;
Bundle-Version: 1.0.0
Import-Package: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc;resolution:=optional,com.
Fragment-Host: c3p0;bundle-version="0.9.1"

Pps. That may not be the c3p0 from the SpringSource repository; modify the bundle symbolic name in the Fragment-Host header as needed.


I wrap my project in OSGi bundle(just call my first start method from Activator.start()). In my project I use ORM ActiveObjects and c3p0 pool. All of project dependencies (jar librarys) are in class path. If I run my project with c3p0 it is takes about 5 minutes to 1 query to DB. Without c3p0 it is works correctly. In what is a problem? Thanks a lot!


To tell you the truth, I am afraid I do not have a whole lot of experience with c3p0. I have used it a bit, but the system that uses the c3p0 pools was written by someone else and all I did was to OSGi-ify it. I also have no idea what an ORM ActiveObject is.

It sounds like you have the right set-up, and if it works at all, then OSGi is probably not the problem. (Now, if you had gotten a ClassNotFound exception....)

I suspect there is a problem in your c3p0 configuration. You might try that configuration without OSGi, or find someone who knows more about c3p0. Sorry.

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