OLSR Experiences

Posted on April 25, 2008 by Tommy McGuire
Labels: protocols
The olsr-story - open-mesg describes a rather scary deployment experience with OLSR/ RFC3626, along with a number of hacks which improve the performance.

We were actively involved in the evolution of olsrd from olsr.org. Actually we were the people that made it functional. RFC3626 - the initial IETF-draft of olsr - does not work in real life. If you want to find out what it's developers intended it to be and how it should work, I would like to suggest reading the RFC3626 after you have seen the presentation of Andreas T.ennesen on the OLSR.ORG website about RFC3626.

We heavily modified olsr over the time. We disabled almost everything that the inital designers of olsr thought was smart and replaced it with the LQ/ETX-Mechanism and Fish-Eye Mechanism tp update topology information.

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